Free Landlord Forms and Landlord Documents

Looking for free landlord forms and landlord documents that you can count on? Then help yourself to our free landlord tenant forms with step-by-step instructions.

Are you drowning in paperwork? Then free yourself right now with our free landlord legal forms. To save you more time and effort, we have included tutorials with our free landlord letters.

Our full range of free landlord tenant forms will allow you to handle almost any rental situation - Whether you're screening new tenants, managing existing tenants, terminating a lease or even evicting someone.

PART 1: Rental Application Form - Page 1
PART 2: Rental Application Form - Page 2

Are you looking for new tenants? Then our free rental application form will help you to screen all tenant applicants thoroughly so that you can make the right choice.

Residential Lease Agreement

Whether you're a landlord or tenant, your lease agreement will be the important landlord form that you will have to sign. Click here for our sample lease agreement with all the essential terms and conditions.

Security Deposit Receipt Form

Before collecting security deposit from your tenant, print and fill in two copies of this form. Once you have received the deposit, give one copy to your tenant and keep the other copy for yourself.

Tenant Move In Checklist

Before a lease begins, it's important that the landlord and tenant conduct a move in inspection together. This complete checklist will make the inspection process quick and painless for you.

Rent Receipt Form

Tenants: It's important to ask for a rent receipt, especially if you pay your rent by cash. Landlords: If your tenant or the law requires you to issue a written receipt for rent, then help yourself to our free landlord form template here.

Late Rent Notice

Is your tenant late in paying the rent again? This late rent notice will make it a breeze for you to collect overdue rent and any late rent fees.

Rent Increase Letter

Asking tenants for more rent doesn't have to be a challenge. Our rent increase notice will make it quick and painless for you to raise the rent.

For Landlords: 30 Day Notice to Vacate
For Tenants: 30 Day Notice to Landlord

These are the forms for you if you want to terminate a month to month lease - Whether you're a landlord or tenant, Click on the links above for a 30 day notice that is tailored to your needs.

Lease Termination Agreement

No matter what type of lease you have, this free landlord tenant form will allow you to terminate it early... as long as both the landlord and tenant are agreeable.

Pay or Quit Notice

Sometimes the only way to tackle non payment of rent is to threaten tenants with eviction. This eviction notice will give errant tenants a final warning to pay up before you proceed with eviction.

Perform or Quit Notice

Landlord are required to serve this eviction notice is meant for tenants who have violated the lease terms. This free landlord legal form specifies a final deadline for the tenant to correct all violations before a landlord can take action to evict him or her.

Moving Out Cleaning Checklist

Is your lease ending? Then be sure to send this checklist to your tenant to remind them of their cleaning duties before moving out.

Itemized Security Deposit Deduction Form

The law requires landlords to give an itemized list when making deductions from tenant security deposit. Our user-friendly form will make it easy for you to deduct and return security deposits.

Landlord Reference Letter

Whether you're a landlord who is writing references or a tenant who requesting one, save time and effort with this free landlord document.

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