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Looking for free landlord information that you can count on? Then join us as we reveal the best landlord tips and tricks for renting property. From buying rental property down right to evicting horror tenants, our step by step landlord guides will show you how to get it right the first time.

Tap on our years of property management experience to learn how to maximize your rental income with minimum work. Our free landlord information are packed with real life advice and practical wisdom to save you both time and money.

So why wait? Take your first step to becoming a successful landlord or property manager with our free landlord help and resources:

Buying Rental Property

Why are some rental properties so profitable while others turn out to be money suckers? Uncover the tried-and-tested methods for choosing the right rental property.

Financing Properties

Knowing how to land a mortgage is essential for slashing your purchase costs and boosting investment returns. Learn how to apply for a property mortgage and lower your mortgage costs with our landlord tips and tricks.

First Time Landlord

First time landlord information: Pick up the important basics to owning rental property today. Learn how to become a landlord, find new tenants and avoid costly mistakes with these new landlord advice.

Tenant Screening

Most property managers and landlords agree on one thing: A good tenant is the most important ingredient for a profitable and smooth lease. Learn how to screen tenants and run background checks on them correctly.

Tenant Credit Checks

Credit checks are crucial for choosing tenants who are able and willing to pay you rent on time. Click on the link above for landlord information on the most reliable and cheapest methods to obtain tenant credit reports.

Managing Tenants

Tips for a landlord on how to tackle touchy tenant issues: Pets in rental properties, subletting, common tenant problems and even how to manage tenants abroad.

Rent Payment

Find everything that you'll need to know about charging and collecting rent here: How to determine your rent amount, what is the best method to collect rent (online and offline) and whether you impose late fees.

Security Deposit

How much security deposit should I ask for? When and how can I make security deposit deductions? Uncover the answers to these important questions and more with our free landlord advice here.

Rental Property Maintenance

Keeping your rental property in good shape not only attracts more tenants and rent, but is also required by law. Get all the free landlord help you'll need on property repairs and maintenance here.

Landlord Tenant Law

Knowing your landlord tenant laws is the best way to answer any doubts you have and avoid landing yourself in trouble. Learn your laws quick and easy with our plain English landlord legal guide.

Landlord Tenant Rights

Knowing your rights and responsibilities is important for a smooth and problem-free lease. Learn your landlord and tenant rights for security deposit, property maintenance, property access and lease termination.

Types of Tenancy

Do you know which type of tenancy will suit your renting needs best? See and compare the characteristics of every tenancy type with our landlord tips for renting an apartment.

Breaking a Lease

Knowing how to terminate a lease agreement is as important as starting a new one. No matter what type of lease you're in, our landlord FAQ will show you the correct steps and forms to end it.

Section 8 Landlord

If you're a landlord in the United States, understanding what is Section 8 housing may well open up your world to guaranteed rent checks from the government and a bigger of pool of tenants to choose from.

Landlord Insurance

Rental properties are exposed to more risks than homes and this makes landlord insurance all the more important. Learn how to maximize your insurance coverage while lowering premium costs.

Rental Property Accounting

Accounting is the only sure way to know if your rental property is raking in cash or bleeding money. Learn how to calculate your rental cash flow with our free landlord information on accounting (with step by step examples).

Rental Property Tax

Knowing your rental property tax deductions is must for cutting down or even eliminating your taxes. Learn how to slash your annual property tax and capital tax gains with our landlord tips and hints.

Rental Property Software

Having the right property management software is going to save you a lot of time and money. Join us and we review and rate the most popular ones based on features, ease of use and value for money.

Landlord Tenant Forms

Are you looking for free landlord tenant forms and documents? Then click on the link above for our complete list of free form templates with step by step instructions.

Landlord Resources

Being a successful landlord requires an extra bit of help. Our carefully selected list of landlord resource will reveal the most popular and trusted sites for free landlord help and information.

Property Manager Career

In addition to providing free landlord information, we also believe in giving property managers a helping hand. Learn how to become a successful property manager with this complete property management career guide.