How to Break a Lease Agreement Legally

Do you know how to break a lease without penalty? Learn the what are the best methods of breaking an apartment lease legally.

When it comes to breaking a lease early, the most important factor is the type of tenancy you have (e.g. fixed term vs month-to-month vs verbal lease). Our guide will explain how to break an apartment lease legally for all types of tenancy - fixed term, month to month and verbal.

Landlords: If you intend to evict a tenant from your property, we have you covered as well. We will show you how to evict a tenant step by step and help you avoid a drawn-out and costly eviction lawsuit.

What are the Different Types of Notice to Quit?

The important first step to breaking a lease agreement is knowing which notice to quit form to use. Join us as we explain the four main types of quit notices that you can use to legally break all types of lease agreements.

How to Terminate a Fixed Term Lease Agreement

Do you have a fixed term tenancy? Then uncover the legal reasons to break a lease (with a fixed term) and how to terminate it before its expiration date.

How to Break a Month to Month and Verbal Lease

If you are terminating a month to month or verbal tenancy, then this guide is for you. Find out how to break a lease on a apartment by learning the right steps to take and which forms to use.

Surrender of Tenancy - Mutual Lease Termination

If both the landlord and tenant agree to breaking a lease early, then things become a lot simpler - Learn how to execute a surrender of tenancy to end your lease mutually.

PART 1: What are Legal Reasons to Evict a Tenant?
PART 2: How to Evict a Tenant - Step by Step Guide

Evicting tenants from your property doesn't have to be a nightmare as long as you know when and how to evict a tenant. Join us as we show you how to save time and money on tenant eviction.

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