Tenant Screening Process and Tips

Are you screening tenants for rental property? Learn the best tenant screening tips and services here with our full guide on how to screen tenant.

Most landlords and property managers agree that the single most important criteria for a smooth tenancy is a good tenant who pays the rent on time and abides by the lease rule. So how do you single out this elusive "good tenant"?

Join us as we explain the tenant screening process for individual landlords - How to conduct your tenant interview, how to prepare your rental application form and which are the best sites for running your tenant background checks.

How to Choose Tenants for Your Rental Property

Interviewing tenants is an essential part of the screening process. Learn what is the most effective and time-saving method of conducting your phone and face-to-face interviews.

Important Tenant Screening Questions to Ask

Knowing what to ask prospective tenants is essential for getting the most out of your interviews. In addition, we also shall show you how to approach their landlord and employers for references.

PART 1: Rental Application Form - Page 1
PART 2: Rental Application Form - Page 2

Looking for a complete tenant application form to screen tenants properly? Then make use of our free application form to dig up crucial information about your prospective tenants.

How to Run a Tenant Background Check Online

What are the important information that you can dig up from a background check? Find out the answer and uncover the best tenant screening services here.

PART 1: Federal Fair Housing Act - Avoiding Tenant Discrimination
PART 2: Fair Housing Act Amendments of 1988

While it's important to snag the best tenants, it's also crucial that you don't run afoul of any discrimination laws by mistake. Click on the above links for a full explanation in plain English.

How to Reject and Deny Tenant Applications

Do you know what are the legal reasons to decline tenant applications and what is the correct method to do it? Learn the right way of saying no to tenant applicants today.

Recommended Resources for Screening Tenants


Established in 2003, E-Renter is one of the most popular and established sites for running tenant background and credit checks online. Out of all the renter screening companies that we have tried and reviewed so far, E-Renter stands out for its excellent customer support and helpful reports.

The tenant background and credit reports from E-Renter are both informative and easy to understand. Other than the essential details, their tenant reports also contain their own recommendations as well. This is an excellent screening service that we personally use and highly recommend.

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