Sample Rent Receipt Form

Looking for a printable rent receipt template? Our sample receipt for rent form will allow you to collect or pay your rent with a peace of mind.

Tenants: It goes without saying that you should always ask your landlord for a receipt every time you pay the rent. This is especially important if you're paying the rent by cash or cashier's check. Whenever possible, always choose a payment method that has proof of receipt by the landlord... such a personal check made payable only to the landlord or a money order.

Landlords: Some jurisdictions require landlords to issue a receipt for every rent payment, even if the tenant does not ask for it. As a standard practice, keep a photocopy of every receipt issued to your tenants - Click here to learn the methods of collecting rent from tenants online and offline.

If your tenant asks for a rent payment receipt, you have no reason to reject him or her since it is well within a tenant's legal rights to do so.

*While we make every effort to ensure that our forms are helpful, you must edit them according to your personal needs and local landlord tenant laws. Always seek legal advice when in doubt.

Receipt for Rent Payment

It is hereby acknowledged that the sum of $ _______________ was received from the Tenant _________________________ as rent payment for the lease of the Rental Unit located at
for the period of _______________ to _______________. The above sum was received on this date _______________.

Payment method for the above sum received (check one):

[     ] Cash
[     ] Check, Number: _______________
[     ] Money Order, Number: _______________
[     ] Bank Transfer, Number: _______________
[     ] Paypal, Transaction ID: _______________
[     ] Others: ______________________________

Outstanding rent owed by Tenant (if any): $ _______________

Received by:

Landlord's Name: _________________________

Landlord’s Signature: _________________________

Date: _______________

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