Security Deposit Guide for Landlords

The definitive rental security deposit guide to help landlords and tenants understand the correct methods for collecting, holding, deducting and returning tenant security deposits.

Rental security deposits have always been a heated issue between landlords and tenants, a issue often compounded by security deposit laws:

"How much security deposit should I collect?"

"Do I have to pay security deposit interest?"

"When can I deduct money from the security deposit?"

For complete answers to these questions and more, check out our security deposit guides below:

What is a Security Deposit? - Complete Definition

Everyone has some idea of what a tenant security deposit is, but do you really know what it is? Uncover the important basics in this security deposit FAQ.

When to Collect Security Deposit from Tenants

Should I collect security deposit from my tenants? Find out why it's important to ask tenants for a security deposit and why some landlord choose not to collect any.

Security Deposit Receipt Form

Before collecting security deposit from your tenant, print and fill in two copies of this form. Once you have received the deposit, give one copy to your tenant and keep the other copy for yourself.

How Much Security Deposit Should I Charge?

Possibly the most important security deposit question for a landlord, learn what is the maximum deposit amount allowed by law and what are the typical deposit amounts asked by landlords.

When and How to Make Security Deposit Deductions

Before making any deductions, make sure you know what are the valid reasons for deduction of security deposit... plus the proper procedure (and forms) to use.

Itemized Security Deposit Deduction Form

The law requires landlords to give an itemized list when making deductions from tenant security deposit. Our user-friendly form will make it easy for you to deduct and return security deposits.

Security Deposit Laws - Security Deposit Amount and Interest

What is the maximum amount of security deposit you can ask and do you need to pay tenants any deposit interest? Learn the security deposit laws for your U.S. state here.

Security Deposit Laws - Return of Security Deposit

Is your lease ending? Then find out what is the deadline for the deduction and return of rental security deposit for your state.

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