Free Residential Lease Agreement Template

Need a free residential lease agreement that you can count on? Then help yourself to a copy of our free printable lease agreement to kick start your lease with the right terms and conditions.

Before using our free lease agreement template, we want you to pay close attention to several important points in our sample agreement:

2. TERM - You need to consider carefully whether you want a month to month lease or fixed term lease. This will affect the stability of your rental income and how you can terminate the lease later on.

3. SECURITY DEPOSITS - You need to decide how much security deposit to ask for (1 to 2 months of rent is average), and whether that amount is allowed by your landlord tenant laws - Click here for the maximum security deposit amount for every state in the United States.

6. SUBLETTING OR ASSIGNING - A big decision you'll have to make is whether you should allow your tenants to re-let your property to someone else. While most landlords disallow it, subletting or assigning may present an opportunity for you to earn more income. For details, click here for our sublease vs assignment of lease article.

11. LATE RENT - Although not compulsory, it is often a good idea to impose late rent fees to encourage timely rent payments from tenants. If you intend to charge late rent fees, Click here for our full guide on how to handle late rent payment.

15. PETS - Since time immemorial, pets in rental properties has always been a thorny issue between landlords and tenants. Should you ban pets to avoid any furry accidents or should you allow them to increase your pool of possible tenants?

Our printable lease agreement template comes with a no-pet clause by default. Simply delete point 15 if you intend to allow pets. For pet-friendly properties, we also recommend that you ask for a pet deposit and slightly higher rent to cover any cleaning expenses.

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