Managing Rental Property Yourself - How to Manage Tenants

Looking for the best managing rental property tips and advice? Learn how to manage rental property by yourself with our complete guide.

Knowing how to manage your tenants is essential for a profitable and problem-free lease. Join us as we show you the best methods of managing tenants with minimum effort.

With a proper tenant screening process and a bit luck, you might land yourself an excellent tenant who pays the rent on time and plays by the lease rules. On the other hand, you may find yourself stuck with a living terror as a renter. No matter what types of tenants you're dealing with, we have all the answers for you below:

Should You Allow Pets in Rental Properties?

Pets in rental properties has always been a touchy issue between landlords and tenants. Learn what are the pros and cons of allowing your tenants to keep pets.

How Much Should I Charge for Pet Deposit?

If you have decided to allow pets on your property, then find out what is the maximum and typical pet deposit that you can ask for. In addition, learn the important different between a pet deposit and pet fee.

Sublet Guide - Should You Give Permission to Sublet?

Knowing what is a sublet is essential knowledge for a landlord, If you're managing tenants yourself, learn what is a sublet and whether you should allow subtenants on your rental property.

What is Lease Assignment and How It Differs from Subletting

To most landlords and tenants, lease assignment is a hazy concept which is often confused with subletting. Learn what is assignment of lease and the differences of assignment vs subletting.

PART 1: How to Deal with Difficult Tenants
PART 2: More Ways to Handle Bad Tenants

Do you know what are the common problems caused by tenants and how to fix them? Learn how to manage difficult tenants and rental problems with ease.

PART 1: How to Manage Overseas Properties by Yourself
PART 2: Hiring Someone for Foreign Property Management

Managing rental property from afar is a big challenge even for experienced landlords. Find out whether you should manage tenants abroad by yourself or hire someone else to do it.

PART 1: Should You Hire a Property Manager?
PART 2: Cost of Hiring a Property Manager

Learn everything you need to know about hiring a property manager - What they can do for you, what are the different property management fees to pay and whether you should hire them.

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