Free Lease Termination Form

Are you looking for an early lease termination agreement? End your lease quick and easy with our early termination of lease letter.

First and foremost, the purpose of our free termination of lease agreement is to end a fixed term lease before its specified end date.

If you are ending a month of month lease, you should use our 30 day notice to vacate instead.

Tenants: You need the landlord's consent before you can terminate a fixed term lease. Get your landlord to sign this termination of lease letter as proof of consent.

If you break the lease or vacate the property without consent, you will have to continue paying rent until the landlord is able to find another tenant to sign a new lease.

Landlords: Similarly you need the tenant's permission to end a lease. You cannot terminate the lease unless the tenant has abandoned the property or you have a legal reason to evict the tenant.

If the other party is unwilling to end the lease, you can always try to entice them with a deal sweetener, such as offering to pay an early termination fee.

Lease Termination Agreement


The Landlord: [Landlord's Name]
Of: [Landlord's Address]

The Tenant: [Tenant's Name]

The Property: [Rental Unit Address]

The Tenancy: A tenancy of The Property was created between The Landlord and The Tenant by a lease agreement on this date: _______________.


The Tenant surrenders and releases to The Landlord all his/her interest in The Property and The Landlord accepts this surrender.


Please choose one of the following release methods:

[     ] The Landlord confirms that all rent due under the tenancy to date have been paid and
that no further payments in rent or otherwise, are due. The Tenant confirms that the all deposits minus deductions have been returned by The Landlord and no further payments are owed by the Landlord.

[     ] Both parties release and discharge each other from all liabilities arising under The
Tenancy EXCEPT the obligation on the part of The Tenant to pay rent (up to the date of this agreement).


The Landlord and The Tenant mutually consent to the termination of The Tenancy on this date: _______________.

Landlord's Name: _________________________

Landlord’s Signature: _________________________

Tenant's Name: _________________________

Tenant’s Signature: _________________________

Date: _______________

Date: _______________

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