What is Section 8 Housing? - Section 8 Landlord Guide

It's essential to know what is Section 8 housing program if you're renting properties in the States. Join us for our complete Section 8 landlord guide.

The Section 8 Housing Program (also known as Housing Choice Voucher Program) by HUD offers needy tenant rent subsidies. The housing authorities will typically cover 60 to 70% of the rent (paid to the landlord by direct deposit or check) while the tenant will pay for the rest.

Join us as we reveal all the essential Section 8 landlord information here - Whether the Section 8 program is right for you, how to join Section 8 housing as a landlord and how to manage or even evict Section 8 tenants.

Section 8 Benefits and Drawbacks for Landlords

Should you join the Section 8 housing program as a landlord? To help you make this big decision, we shall explain all the pros and cons of becoming a Section 8 landlord here.

Section 8 Landlord Application - Step by Step Guide

How do you accept Section 8 tenants and apply to the housing program as a landlord? Uncover the entire landlord application process and all the forms that you'll need to submit.

PART 1: HUD Housing Quality Standards Explained
PART 2: How to Pass Your HQS Section 8 Inspection

Before you can rent your property to a Section 8 tenant, your rental home must first pass a mandatory Section 8 inspection. Learn what exactly the inspectors are looking for so you can pass this inspection with ease.

Section 8 Guidelines for Landlords and Tenants

A Section 8 tenancy operates a bit differently from a regular tenancy. Learn what are the specific Section 8 rules and regulations that every landlord and tenant must know.

Section 8 Eviction - Evicting Section 8 Tenants

What are the legal grounds for a Section 8 eviction and how does it differ from a regular eviction? Learn when and how you can evict Section 8 tenants.

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