Free Renters Application Form - Page 2

Nothing is more important than having the right tenant. Our free renters application form will help you uncover all the essential information on your renter applicants.

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Let's take a closer look at some of the details for our tenant application form below:

Employment Status and Duration - The stability of your tenant's income is more important than its amount. Is he a full time government employee or is he is a budding entrepreneur still looking for that big break? Duration of his employment is also an important indicator - it's best to choose someone who has been working at the same company at least 1 year.

Average Monthly Income - Always compare their person income to the rent amount that you're asking for. The general rule of thumb is to find someone whose total income is at least 4 times higher than the rent. In other words, your asking rent is 25% or less of his or her income.

However from our personal experience, we feel that 25% is a bit too strict and tends to limit your pool of suitable tenants. We recommend that you relax your criteria to consider applicant whose income is 3 times higher than the rent. (rent amount is 33% or less of his or her income).

Background and Credit Check - Once you have shortlisted your tenant applicants, it's essential to run a credit check on them with a reputable tenant screening site such as E-Renter..

If you don't have it yet: Page 1 of this Application Form for Renters

House Rental Application Form - Page 2


Employment Status: [     ] Employed          [     ] Self Employed          [     ] Unemployed

Job Occupation and Title: _________________________

Average Monthly Income: ____________________

Duration of Employment: _____ months

Company Name: _________________________

Company Number : ____________________

Company Address:


[     ] Are you going to claim any housing benefits or subsidies?
If yes, please provide details: _______________________________________________________

[     ] Have you ever been evicted from a tenancy for any reason?
If yes, please provide details: _______________________________________________________

[     ] Have you ever intentionally refused to pay rent that is due?
If yes, please provide details: _______________________________________________________

[     ] Have you ever filed for bankruptcy or is currently bankrupt?
If yes, please provide details: _______________________________________________________

[     ] Are there any court judgments against you for any reason?
If yes, please provide details: _______________________________________________________


I declare that the information that I have provided in this renters application are true and updated to the best of my knowledge.

I hereby authorize the prospective landlord (Landlord Name: _________________________) to carry out any background and credit checks necessary to verify my particulars and standing.

I also authorize the prospective landlord to contact my current landlord, employer, next of kin and other related person for references.

Important Note: Providing false information to a landlord in order to obtain a tenancy are legal grounds for terminating that tenancy with immediate effect.

Applicant's Name: _________________________

Applicant’s Signature: _________________________

Date: _______________