Important Advice for First Time Landlords

Being a first time landlord can hugely rewarding if you take the right steps. Master the important basics of becoming a landlord with our tested tips and advice.

There are many things for a new landlord to learn, but no worries we have it all covered for you. Whether it's learning how to become landlord, avoiding fatal mistakes or finding new tenants, you can depend on us for the right advice.

So take the first step towards being a landlord and help yourself to our full collection of first time landlord guides:

PART 1: How to Become a Landlord in 5 Simple Steps
PART 2: More Crucial Steps for Becoming a Landlord

Follow us as we show and explain what it takes it to become a successful landlord... from finding tenants to finally collecting rent from them.

PART 1: 7 Common Mistakes Made by Bad Landlords
PART 2: More Landlord Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Sometimes knowing what to do isn't enough. To avoid disputes and losses, you need to know what not to do as well. Learn how to avoid the most common and deadly landlord mistakes here.

PART 1: How to Find Tenants Online - Best Free Sites
PART 2: How to Advertise Your Rental Property Offline

What are the best online and offline ways of finding new tenants? Read on as we reveal what are the time-tested methods to find tenants for free.

Types of Tenancy Explained - Which is Right for You?

Before signing a lease agreement, you must know what are the different types of tenancy and which one will suit your needs best. Click on the link above for our plain English explanation.

Important Real Estate Jargon That You Must Know

To a new landlord, real estate lingo can sound like a foreign language. No worries we're here to rescue you with a A to Z list of common real estate terminology.

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