Rent Payment Guide for Landlords

Learn how to handle rent payments from tenants. Discover the best method to collect rent online, impose late rent fees and tackle non payment of rent.

It's safe to say that rental income is the single most important thing to a landlord. How do you collect rent from tenants online (and offline)? How do you minimize late rents and should you charge late fees?

What are the options when you're stuck with a tenant who refuses to pay rent? Learn where to draw the line and how to reclaim rents owed with minimum fuss.

PART 1: How Much Rent Should You Charge for a House?
PART 2: How to Calculate and Determine Rent Amount

Setting the rent amount is a delicate issue that needs to be done right. Find out what are the tried and tested methods to determine the rent for your rental property.

Rent Increase Letter

Asking tenants for more rent doesn't have to be a challenge. Our rent increase notice will make it quick and painless for you to raise the rent.

Best Methods for Collecting Rent Online and Offline

Collecting rent  is supposed to be the best part of a landlord's job, but it can be both frustrating and time-consuming for some. Learn the most effective methods of collecting rent here.

Rent Receipt Form

Do you need to issue a written receipt for rent? Then save time and energy with our free template with full instructions.

Handling Late Rent Payments and Late Rent Fees

Overdue rents are a common nuisance but you don't have to suffer through them. Learn how to stamp out (or at least minimize) late rents and whether it's a good idea to impose late fees.

Late Rent Letter

Are your tenants late with the rent again? Our late rent notice allow you to press for late rents and impose late fees with ease.

Pay or Quit Notice

Sometimes the only way to tackle non payment of rent is to threaten tenants with eviction. This eviction notice will give errant tenants a final warning to pay up before you proceed with eviction.