Free Mortgage Guide for First Time Buyers

Step by step mortgage guide for first time buyers: Learn how to get a mortgage or refinance your property with our free mortgage loan guide.

Knowing how to finance properties is the most important part of buying a property. Getting a mortgage loan is two step process: First you need to convince lenders to grant you a loan - Our mortgage information guide will reveal what mortgage lenders are looking for and how to apply for a property mortgage step by step.

Once you get your hands on a mortgage loan, we will show you how to lower your mortgage rates and costs. This including securing a mortgage with lower interest rates, better terms and with reduced closing costs.

How to Choose a Mortgage Type and Term

Should you go for a fixed or adjustable rate mortgage? Is a 15 or 30 year mortgage more suited for your needs? Learn the answers to these important questions before you take out a mortgage.

Mortgage Application Documents Checklist

Save time and effort by preparing your mortgage application documents in advance. Learn what are the essential paperwork required to apply for a mortgage loan.

Free Mortgage Payment Calculator

Do you need to calculate your monthly mortgage payments and pay-off date? Then help yourself to this full-featured (yet simple to use) calculator.

PART 1: 5 Proven Ways to Lower Mortgage Payments
PART 2: More Ways to Lower Your Mortgage Rates

Find out what really works when it comes to lowering your mortgage costs. This online mortgage guide will reveal what are the time-tested methods of getting cheaper property mortgages.

PART 1: What are Mortgage Closing Costs?
PART 2: How to Lower Mortgage Closing Costs

It will cost you more than your down payment to obtain a mortgage. Learn what are the additional costs involved and how to lower (or even eliminate) your mortgage closing fees.

3 Top Reasons to Refinance Your Home

Is it a good time for you to refinance? This guide to refinancing your home will show you whether you should refinance your home now and what are the benefits that you can reap.

How to Get Approved for a Rental Property Loan

Qualifying for a rental property mortgage isn't hard at all... as long as you know what your lenders are looking for. Join us as we explain their borrowing requirements in detail.

PART 1: How to Finance Rental Property in 4 Steps
PART 2: More Steps on Financing Rental Properties

Applying for a rental property mortgage doesn't have to be confusing or frustrating. This online mortgage guide will explain and simplify all the steps you'll need to obtain property financing.

Introduction to Refinancing Rental Property

Should you choose mortgage or cash-out refinancing? Learn how to free up your property equity and save money on your taxes with this complete guide to refinancing your mortgage.

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