What are the Best Tenant Credit Check Sites?

Which is the best tenant credit check service? Learn where and how to run tenant credit reports and background checks today.

Accepting new tenants without running a tenant credit check is like driving without seat belts - Reckless and risky. If you were ever stuck with a bad tenant, then you would fully appreciate the importance of a background and credit check.

Besides learning how to run credit checks on tenants online, find out how to read a credit report and what to do if a potential renter has no credit history.

Tenant Verification Service Review

TVS is one of the oldest and most popular tenant screening websites, but does it deserve its sterling reputation? Join us as we put their credit reports and customer service to the test.

E-Renter USA Review

E-Renter is another well-known tenant screening service for landlords in the United States. Find out if their tenant credit report and background check is worth your time and money.

How to Run Tenant Credit Checks Online

Should you run credit checks on prospective tenants? This tutorial shall explain the reasons for running tenant checks and show you the best method of running a credit check online.

Understanding Tenant Credit Reports

Do you know what exactly your credit report is telling you? Learn what is a good credit score for a tenant and discover what are the hidden gems of information you can unearth from a credit report.

Screening Tenants with No Credit History

Zero tenant credit history isn't necessarily bad news. Find out why some prospective tenants don't have any credit history and how to screen tenants like them.

How to Deny Tenant Applications

Do you know what are the legal reasons to decline tenant applications and what is the correct method to do it? Learn the right way of saying no to tenant applicants today.

Recommended Resources for Tenant Credit Checks


Established in 2003, E-Renter is one of the most popular and established sites for running tenant background and credit checks online. Out of all the renter screening companies that we have tried and reviewed so far, E-Renter stands out for its excellent customer support and helpful reports.

The tenant background and credit reports from E-Renter are both informative and easy to understand. Other than the essential details, their tenant reports also contain their own recommendations as well. This is an excellent screening service that we personally use and highly recommend.

Click here for our full review of E-Renter.