Which are the Best Software for Landlords?

Which are the best property management software for landlords? Join us as we test and rate the popular ones in our best landlord software reviews.

So far we have put more than 15 landlord software to our acid tests - Rating them based on their features, value for money and ease of use.

To save you time, we have narrowed down to the two best landlord software that we have reviewed so far. Quicken has also been included in the this line-up due to its widespread popularity.

Buildium Online Landlord Software

When we reviewed Buildium, we were honestly surprised by the number of features and services that they were able to squeeze into this program. Out of all the property management software for landlords that we have tested, Buildium offers the most features by a wide margin.

More importantly, the features that come with Buildium are both practical and powerful, such as allowing you to accept rent payments online, run credit checks cheaply and handle all your cash flow directly from your bank. Overall, Buildium is the best landlord software we have rated so far and we highly recommend it to serious landlords and property managers looking to save time and money.

Click here for our full review of Buildium Online Property Management.

LandlordMax Property Management Software

What makes LandlordMax stand out from other landlord management software is the excellent way it is able to balance both features and ease of use. If you are looking for a program that offers powerful features while being simple enough for a beginner to start using right away, then we highly recommend LandlordMax to you.

LandlordMax's accounting features deserves a special mention - It allows you to handle you rental property accounting with ease, reminds you of any late payments and comes with a highly detailed database for storing your rental property, tenant and lease information.

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Quicken Rental Property Manager

Despite the name, we found Quicken to be more of a software for personal finances, rather than a full-fledged accounting software for landlords.

The layout is clean and well-designed, but we found its features to be unbalanced - Too much emphasis on personal accounting and too little functions for property management. This is quite disappointing given that Quicken is a trusted name in the software world. Before you spend a single cent on this, we do urge to take a look at our full Quicken review first:

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