Which are the Best Landlord Forums?

If you own rental property, our updated list of landlord forum links will show you where are best and most popular forums for landlord advice.

Landlord Protection Agency Forum

The landlord protection agency seeks to protect the interests of landlords by encouraging safe and profitable management of rental property. This landlord discussion forum is frequented by landlords from the United States -  In fact, most users will indicate which U.S. state they're from.

You can also expect friendly and helpful response from this property management forum, with an average of 2 to 3 people answering to every post.

Mr Landlord Forum

This landlord advice forum works in an interesting way. Instead of the usual forum posts and threads, this forum is an organized database where you ask question directly. You can also search for answers on different topics. Once again, this is a U.S.-centric website.

While this forum contains a wealth of helpful information, we find its layout to be messy and somewhat confusing. They also host a live chat session every Wednesday and Sunday where they have experienced landlords answering questions.

LandlordZone Forum

LandlordZone has been running one of the most popular landlord tenant forum since 1999. What we like about this forum is that it is well organized and easy to use. Discussion topics are clearly divided into different sections such as insurance, tax and lease.

This forum has a large community of active members so you can expect to find helpful answers to a wide range of questions. Some topics are specifically tailored for landlords living in the United States or United Kingdom but most of the posts are of general interest to everyone.

FreeAdvice Forum - Landlord Tenant Issues

Do you have any questions about property law or perhaps you need advice for legal issues with your tenants? Then WorldLawDirect's popular real estate law forum is the place to go.

If you are a landlord or property manager, the "Landlord vs Tenants Issues" section will be especially helpful for you. Some common topics include questions about evicting tenants, dealing with difficult tenants, handling security deposits and repairing damaged property.

UK Landlord Forum

As you can probably tell from the URL, this is a landlord discussion forum for rental property owners in the United Kingdom. If you are from U.K., this is definitely the first online forum you should visit. This forum focuses heavily on rental property issues and its forum members are both responsive and helpful in general.

Update: This landlord forum link is no longer active. We recommend U.K. landlords to visit the U.K. version of LandlordZone instead.

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