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Should you run your tenant background and credit checks from E-Renter USA? Find out the answer here with our full eRenter review.



If you're a landlord or property manager in the United States, then chances are you would have heard of this tenant screening service. After all, they are one of the most popular tenant screening sites (measured by Alexa) and have been offering tenant background and credit reports since 2003.

A routine check at the E-Renter BBB (Better Business Bureau) page revealed some impressive ratings: It has earned the highest possible grade of A+, indicating excellent customer service and a high level customer satisfaction. This is the same grade achieved by Tenant Verification Service, another tenant screening service that we have previously reviewed.

What We Like About E-Renter

The first thing that makes E Renter stand out is how simple and user-friendly it is.

Some people are under the impression that buying tenant credit reports is a complicated and dragged-out affair. We don't blame them at all, because that's how things really are with many other tenant screening companies.

That's why the E Renter website is a welcome change for us. Once you have registered as a member, you'll be able to order your tenant credit reports direct from the homepage.

Their prices and fees are also fair and reasonable. There are no setup fees, membership fees or hidden costs to worry - When you buy your background and credit checks with them, all you pay for are the reports themselves.

They also promise quick delivery of your credit reports within 1 hour - The two credit reports that we ordered from them arrived in 15 minutes so ERenter scores high marks when it comes the delivery time of their tenant reports.

No review at Propertydo.com will be complete until we solid test drive the customer support. When it comes to tenant screening companies, we strongly feel that providing customers with phone support is a must.

We called E Renter twice during office hours and got through immediately. As our standard review procedure, we prepared a list of tough questions (such as asking them for a full explanation of FCRA's policy for on-site inspections) to stress-test their staff's knowledge and service attitude. Their response to our questions was both friendly and helpful.

What We Don't Like About E-Renter

There one minus point though - They don't offer tenant credit checks as a separate service. To get a tenant credit report from them, you will have to buy the whole package that includes background checks as well. To be fair, their background check is both helpful and easy to understand so it's a good buy in the first place.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Now that we have reached the end of our eRenter review, it's easy to see what makes it so popular with landlords and property managers. They have truly gone out of their way to make easy for you to buy your tenant background and credit reports. Their excellent customer support is also a big plus as well.

If you want to run credit and background checks on tenants without any fuss or waiting, then we highly recommend it:

E-Renter USA Website

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