What are the Top Certified Property Manager Associations?

Which are the biggest residential and commercial property manager associations in the United States and Canada? Join us as we reveal the most respected property management associations here.

Residential Property Manager Associations

NARPM - National Association of Residential Property Managers

Are you managing single family homes and other small residential properties in the United States? If the answer is yes, then there's a good chance that NARPM will be the perfect fit for you.

NARPM is an residential property management association founded in 1988 with the purpose of helping property managers of smaller residential properties. If you are looking for helpful lessons in property management, then it is highly recommended that you take a close look at NARPM courses which are taught by their experienced instructors.

NARPM also places great emphasis on business ethics and has their own set of rules and standards to ensure that their members are professional and fair. While their ethic codes are stricter, it is also the reason why NARPM members are in higher demand by both property owners and property management firms.

NAA - National Apartment Association

Just like NARPM above, the NAA caters to residential property managers in the United States and Canada. However there is one critical difference between these two property management associations - NAA is targeted at property managers and owners of large residential properties with multiple rental units.

NAA boasts a vast membership number - More than 50,000 members from over 200 branches scattered in all parts of the United States and Canada. In addition to property managers, real estate developers, building owners, property investors and repair contractors also form part of their impressive ranks.

If you're a new property manager looking for a certified property management association, you can consider applying for their basic Certified Apartment Manager CAM certification.

Commercial Property Manager Associations

BOMA - Building Owners and Managers Association

BOMA is an international property management association that caters to people managing and leasing office space. BOMA also conducts regular research and surveys on the latest commercial real estate trends.

With a history spanning over 100 years and more than 16,000 members in 14 countries, BOMA is the largest and most established association for commercial property managers in the United States and Canada.

If you're looking for a respected property management certification, BOMA offers a Real Property Administrator RPA course. The training for this certification is focused heavily on managing larger commercial properties.

Top Certified Property Manager Associations

IREM - Institute of Real Estate Management

Based in the United States and Canada, IREM is the only professional property management association that caters to all 3 major types of rental properties - Residential, commercial and industrial.

It also enjoys long standing ties with the National Association of Realtors NAR, a trade association with more than 1 million members.

IREM is an association that concentrates heavily on the education and training of its members. It is best known for its renowned Certified Property Manager CPM certification, which is arguably the most respected title that you can earn as a property manager.

Due to IREM's high standards and strict requirements for CPM certification, most CPM members are mid to senior level property managers with at least 10 years of working experience.

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