How to Handle Common Landlord Tenant Problems

What are the common landlord tenant problems and how do you resolve them? Learn how to deal with problem tenants and remove them if needed.

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Your Tenant's Abuse or Neglect Causes Property Damage

While it is the your responsibility as a landlord to maintain the property in a habitable condition, the tenant also has a part to play when it comes to property damage and repairs. Whenever there's property damage, the most important question to ask is, "should the landlord or tenant repair that?

If repairs are needed for normal wear and tear, then it's up to the landlord to get the property in shape. If the property was damaged by the tenant's improper use or recklessness, then he or she has to fork out money for the repairs.

If your tenant agrees to pay for the damages and make repairs, then all is fine and good.

How to handle problem tenants who refuse to make amends: You're allowed to deduct money from his or her security deposit to pay for the repairs. Whenever making security deposit deductions, always remember to take close-up photos evidence (of the damage) and ask the repairman for receipts.

For this type of landlord tenant issues, it can be tricky to tell who's at fault. To find out who should be paying for which damage, we recommend that you Click here for our guide to what is normal wear and tear.

Your Tenant Houses Illegal Squatters without Permission

Squatters are people who are not listed as occupants in the rental agreement... and yet end up staying on your rental property for a prolonged period of time. By housing squatters, your tenant has violated the terms of the rental agreement and created a landlord tenant problem.

Even if the lease agreement does not state it, your tenant still has to inform you and seek your permission before they are allowed to let someone else live on your rental property. This is one of the basic rights of a landlord.

Before you confront this landlord tenant issue, you'll have to first recognize important difference between a guest and a squatter. Your tenants have the right to invite people over to the property for short visits. These short term visitors are considered to be guests and not squatters.

To resolve this landlord tenant problem, You can either demand that the squatter leave the rental property immediately or you can negotiate with the tenant to include the squatter as an additional tenant or occupant under the lease agreement. Of course, you're always free to ask for more rent and security deposit at this point.

Screen all new squatters as carefully as you would do with a new tenant. Interview the person face to face and run a tenant background check on him or her. If anything doesn't check out, then we suggest that you reject squatter and ask him or her to leave your rental property.

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