What is the Best Property Management Software?

What is the best property management software for your money? Find out as we review and compare the most popular ones here.

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3. Value for Money - Is the Software Worth Your Money?

Value for money is summed up by two words: good and affordable. Being the absolute cheapest is far from enough: What is more important is that the software has to overdeliver for its price tag. So which is the best landlord software for its price?

Buildium: 9 / 10

Price: $40+ per month

Since Buildium is based online, you pay a monthly fee depending on the number of rental properties you have. Buildium scores highly because the value they offer is two fold: You get an exhaustive list of advanced, time-saving functions plus Buildium users enjoy big savings off landlord services such as accepting online payments and credit reports.

LandlordMax: 8 / 10

Price: $199

If you have a slightly larger budget, then LandlordMax will be an excellent choice for you. In exchange for paying a bit more, you will be getting a big bundle of helpful features such as detailed reports, cash flow calculators and a full-blown database. Its features easily outclass other property management software at similar price ranges.

Quicken: 5.5 / 10

Price: $154.99

Quicken doesn't have a big price tag, but the scores are low because honestly it doesn't give you a lot of bang for your buck. What you are mostly paying for is a personal accounting software, with minimal property management tools tossed in as an after-thought. It will score higher as a personal finance program, but what we're looking for the best rental property software here.

4. Overall Score - Which Software is Right for You?

After spending a few weeks test-driving these property management software, it's clear that there is no one-size-fits-all program that is perfect for everyone. Rather, the best property management software for you depends heavily on your own needs, experience and number of rental properties you have. Read on for our specific recommendations:

Buildium: 9 / 10

Buildium's unmatched features and full range of add-on services makes a dream for any power user. If you are a property manager or landlord who has to grapple with more than 20 rental properties, this is the software for you. It even outperforms some of the specially tailored, in-house software that sell for thousands of dollars.

LandlordMax: 8.5 / 10

While LandlordMax's powerful features are aimed at landlords with 5 or more rental properties, its ease of use makes it an excellent choice even for first timers who are serious about their rental business and want to do things right from the start. This is also the best property management software for a new or part-time property manager.

Quicken: 6 / 10

On paper, Quicken Rental Property Manager does qualify as a reasonably-priced landlord software. However, we do not really recommend it, simply because you can be getting a much better deal with either Buildium or LandlordMax. If you are still interested, we would normally ask you to try before buying, but the problem here is that Quicken doesn't offer a free trial.

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