Sample Security Deposit Refund Form

Looking for a security deposit refund letter? Our sample security deposit return form shall make deposit deductions and returns a breeze for you.

If you're not making any deposit deductions, you can leave the "Reason(s) for Security Deposit Deduction" section blank and fill in the rest of the security deposit return letter.

If you intend to deduct money from the security deposit, we highly recommend that you first read our guide on how to make security deposit deductions.

Just a quick reminder: Security deposit law requires the landlord to give the tenant an itemized list of deductions so don't combine your claims into a lump sum. For example if you are making claims for multiple repairs, be sure to list every repair individually in detail. Attach a copy of all bills and receipts to your security deposit return form.

For the return of security deposit, always issue a check made payable only to the tenant. Avoid using cash as you will want to leave a paper/electronic trail as proof of refund.

*While we make every effort to ensure that our forms are helpful, you must edit them according to your personal needs and local landlord tenant laws. Always seek legal advice when in doubt.

Security Deposit Refund Form

Date (dd/mm/yyyy): _______________

Tenant's Name: _________________________

Address of Rental Unit: ____________________________________________________________

Total Deposit Amount Received from Tenant: $ _______________

Reason(s) for Security Deposit Deduction

1. _______________________________________________________

2. _______________________________________________________

3. _______________________________________________________

4. _______________________________________________________

5. _______________________________________________________


$ _______________

$ _______________

$ _______________

$ _______________

$ _______________

Total Amount of Security Deposit Deductions: $ _______________

Security Deposit Interest Payable to Tenant: $ _______________ (if applicable)

Total Amount of Security Deposit Returned: $ _______________

As required by law, you are hereby notified that a negative credit report reflecting on your credit record may be submitted to a credit reporting agency if you fail to fulfill the terms of your rental obligations.

Landlord’s Signature: _________________________

Landlord's Name: _________________________

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