How to Find a Good Real Estate Lawyer

How do i find a real estate lawyer? Find out the answer here as we show you where and how to find a good real estate attorney with minimal effort.

Where to Find a Real Estate Lawyer Online

With everything in the world going online, searching on the Internet has become the quickest and most convenient method of finding a good attorney.

The key is knowing where to look and which sites to trust. LegalMatch is one of the most popular and established sites for finding lawyers. There are two things that we like about this site:

One, it saves you time by matching you up with local lawyers that specialize in handling your specific type of cases. To do this, you fill up their online form with your information (area, legal issue and type of lawyer wanted)... and the site will match you with an eligible lawyer for free.

Another helpful service that LegalMatch provides are the lawyer profiles where you can see an individual lawyer's ratings and reviews by past customers. also maintains a big directory of lawyer listings for the United States and Canada, sorted by the type of law and location. Their directory lists the contact information of the lawyers, including their address, phone number and website (if any).

If your legal issue is more minor or you just have doubts to clear, you can save a lot of money by asking a qualified attorney for their professional advice (instead of hiring them outright). In that case, we recommend JustAnswer - It is a website where you can post your legal question and issues and have them answered by a professional lawyer.

Finding a Real Estate Attorney by Word of Mouth

Asking people you know for references is a time-tested method to find a good real estate attorney. But since your friends and family are unlikely to have hired a property lawyer before, who can you ask for recommendations?

If you already know a lawyer but he or she doesn't practice or specialize in real estate law, then ask them for recommendations. Lawyers often maintain close ties with one another through their local law association... plus your lawyer's work experience will make him or her a good judge of another lawyer's abilities.

You can also turn to any real estate professionals that you know, such as property agents or property managers. Ask them if they have a regular lawyer that they prefer working with. In their line of work, it's likely that they have met and hired a few property lawyers before.

Don't know anyone who can help you in finding a real estate lawyer? Then contact your local law association (also known as the bar association) and ask them for referrals. You can also take the chance to find out if the lawyer you're hiring is in good standing. Most bar associations have a website where you can access this information anytime.

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