My Own Quicken Property Manager Review

by Sandra Turner
(San Diego, CA)

Before using Quicken, all my landlord accounting and rental records were handled the traditional way (with printed Excel spreadsheets in plastic files).

In the beginning things were going okay... I only had 2 rental properties to manage plus I was diligent in updating and filing my records. However my job workload was increasing (as they always do) and I found myself falling behind in my paperwork.

Out of desperation, I decided to turn to rental property software. In the end I chose Quicken Property Manager for its clean and slick design.

It only includes features that are necessary so you won't have to waste time on bells and whistles that don't have any practical use. This spares you from any confusion and makes it really easy to use.

With this rental property software I can finally store all my tenant and property information in one place. Whether mortgage, insurance, tenant or accounting data, I can easily save them into Quicken's database. All it takes one plastic file to keep the remaining paperwork such as title deeds and legal documents.

Quicken has also reduced the dreadful task of accounting and taxes into a simple form filling exercises. Gone are the days when I had to figure everything out with a calculator and accounting textbook. Personally I feel that this is the biggest plus point of this program: easy and accurate accounting.

One fault that I found with this software is that it does not allow me to add a soft copy of my landlord documents to its database. Sometimes I also wish that the database is slightly more exhaustive so that I can fill in some minor details.

All in all, I will definitely give Quicken Property Manager the thumbs up because it is indeed an invaluable helper for my landlord chores.

Editor's Comment: This is our reader's Quicken Property Manager review on the discontinued version 2.5 - For our complete review on the latest version, Click here for our Quicken Rental Property Manager Review.

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