Buying Rental Property Near Schools

by James Anderson
(Salt Lake City, UT)

If you are looking for rental property buying tips, I have one here just for you - Buying rental properties near schools is often a good idea. Having owned 12 different residential properties, schools are always what I look for when I'm buying a new rental property.

Having a college or university around means having a fresh supply of ready tenants. Even a high school or preschool is a big plus because your rental property will appeal to parents who are always on the lookout for nearby schools.

College students are not the nightmare and wild party animals that some people think they are - You just need to be more careful when screening them and verify their income source.

The one last thing that I will like to highlight when it comes to the school itself. If possible you will want a reputable and well established school because that will ensure a steady stream of renters in the long run. On the other hand, avoid any notorious schools that can end up being a hotbed of vandalism and crime.

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