Before You Join Landlord Associations

by Clark Barker
(Fargo, ND)

Before you join a landlord association, ask yourself this question: "Am I getting real value for my money?" Sit back and weigh the benefits of your membership versus the annual fees charged.

Many of the benefits offered by landlord associations can be found elsewhere. Looking for landlord guides and advice? You can always dig up free information from high quality rental property websites such as Propertydo and Rentlaw.

Need cheap rental property loans and mortgages? Careful searching at LendingTree and QuickenLoans may snag you deals that will match member rates offered by landlord associations.

Now I'm not saying all these because I am anti-associations - In fact I myself is currently a member of not one, but two landlord associations. I'm just saying that someone with enough experience and time will have ways to reap some membership benefits without being a member.

If you are a new landlord or someone who is strapped for time, land lord associations can be invaluable. They will save you a lot of time by bringing local landlord news, essential rental property services and member discounts under one roof.

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