Screening Pet Owners for Rental Properties

by Zack Gordan
(Berkshire, England)

If you ever had pets in rental properties, you will know that the pets themselves aren't the real problem - It's often the irresponsible tenants who allow their untrained pets to run amok and rack up nasty damages.

Personally I have rented out to 4 pet owners before and not once did the pets cause any major problems. Let me share my tips and tricks for spotting a responsible pet owner:

I will like to begin by stating that my definition of "pets" refers to cats and dogs - Generally fishes and caged birds are no hassle at all.

Since many landlords frown upon tenants with pets, some people will go to amazing lengths to conceal their pets. If someone actually reveals that he's a pet owner without any probing, he's more likely to be a trustworthy person.

During your face to face meeting with a potential tenant, ask him to bring his pet along. If he refuses or make excuses, that's an instant red light. If he brings his pet along, then it's good chance to observe its behavior. Propertydo's guide already has excellent details on what to watch out for so I shall skip to the next part.

A responsible pet owner is always ready to put his mouth on the money is. If you ask for more security deposit and higher rents, he should be agreeable as long as your request is reasonable.

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Oct 22, 2015
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by: sandy

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Oct 08, 2015
Screening Pet Owners for Rental Properties. NEW
by: Peter D. Cox

Tenants having pet may be headache. Some pets are not well-behaved and human friendly hence can be a problem for your property. While choosing the most suitable tenant for the property, it is essential put inquiry on whether they are having any pet or not. Well, Zack thanks for your tips. These are really helpful. I would like to provide here the site to find more suitable rental property. Rental Houses Greensboro, NC. Thank you.

Sep 23, 2015
Owners for Rental Properties NEW
by: Anonymous

write my paper for me - Sounds like your property manager has already left the tenants to continue beyond their rental. Did he have your approval to take in that agreement? Better check your contract. Also take him if he asked or they offered to pay a prorated rent or per diem for the additional days.

Aug 06, 2015
Screening Pet Owners. NEW
by: Elina Kaur

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Jun 24, 2015
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by: June A. Barton

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Feb 25, 2013
Show Proof NEW
by: Karen

Sorry to hear about your situation. I am a landlord and have rented single family homes out for over 30 yrs. I try to look at applications and understand personal situations as well as the info on the app. and credit. I would suggest getting documentation from previous landlords and proving your cats professional background. I rented once to a lady who was single with a child and she was legally blind with a seeing eye dog. SHE DESTROYED MY HOUSE. $7000.00 in damage and she disappeared off the facee of the earth. I was legally obligated to rent to her as she had excellent credit and references. Maybe you should see a lender. You can buy something FHA with 3.5% down and they are very forgiving with certain credit issues. This way you will probably pay less per mo, have a tax deduction, have your pets and live happily ever after. In either case, I wish you the best!

May 13, 2011
Please consider pets
by: Anonymous

Having been put in the unfortunate position of starting again, I am desperate to find a rental property that will take my 2 wonderful cats along with myself and 2yo daughter.
My cats are rescue cats and because of their previous lifestyle they are ocd about cleanliness, and probably make less mess than I do! When I first started looking for rental properties I thought it would be easy and stressfree! How naive and stupid of me! (Although I have never been in this situation before) I am fully aware that any one of us could cause accidental damage and am fully prepared to repair or replace anything that may go wrong as I would if it were my house. I am now completely despondant about finding anywhere - and am stuck with the idea of staying in an abusive relationship, becoming homeless in order to get a council property after waiting for approx 2 years, or finding a new home for 2 important members of my family, which would undoubtably cause anxiety for my daughter, what do I do???

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