How to Avoid a Subtenant

by Craig Silver
(Atlanta, GA)

Many main tenants take on a subtenant without knowing what they are getting themselves into. To them subtenants are just an extra wallet to help them cover part of the rent. They often have no idea that they will be shouldering an extra burden as well.

To keep a subtenant off your rental property, it's more effective to warn your main tenant about the perils of subletting in addition to enforcing a no subletting policy in your written agreement.

Remind them that if their sub tenant causes any problems or bolts without paying rent, they are ones who will have to clean up the mess and fork out the rent money.

This matter is complicated by the fact that regular tenants often lack the necessary screening skills and end up subletting the rental property to roommates from hell.

If you want to enforce a strict no-subletting policy, be sure to warn your main tenant that no second chance will be given if they are caught harboring any subtenants. As long as your rental agreement contains a non-sublet clause, you should have the legal right to evict him... and you should be prepared to exercise this right when the day comes.

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